Science with Angela

Picture of Angela, a woman, on the trails in Park City with her dog Ozzie in front of her on a leash

About Angela

Angela Andersen is part scientist, part philanthropist, and part entrepreneur. Her passion is to encourage growth - personal growth and scientific growth.


She is driven to improve scientific literacy and communication among scientists and non-scientists alike. Her strategy is to guide and encourage regular engagment in science at no cost. She approaches discoveries with curiosity, optimism, humor and hope - to overcome the obstacles and fears that keep us from trying something new. She wants everyone to feel comfortable discussing, scrutinizing and celebrating science. 


Angela grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada (Cobourg), received her PhD at the University of Toronto, was a postdoc at University of San Francisco California, a journal editor at Cell, a Research Associate at the Huntsman Cancer Institute and the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, and a grant writer at Recursion Pharmaceuticals. She co-founded Life Science Editors in 2015 and the charity the Life Science Editors Foundation in 2020.


Beyond pushing the limits of science, communication and people, Angela enjoys long-distance running and "ran" the Twisted Fork 64 km Ultramarathon in 2020, placing almost last. She also loves dogs, especially her dog Ozzie.

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
Max Planck