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Science is an adventure. 

Science is exploring uncharted territory. Science is elevating your skills. Science is experiencing something new. Science is progress that doesn't always feel like progress. Science is a tough climb, but the view is worth it. 

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Programmable RNA sensing for cell monitoring and manipulation. Qian Y, Li J, Zhao S, Matthews EA, Adoff M, Zhong W, An X, Yeo M, Park C, Yang X, Wang BS, Southwell DG, Huang ZJ. Nature. 2022 Oct 5.

RNA is a central and universal mediator of genetic information underlying the diversity of cell types and cell states, which together shape tissue organization and organismal function across species and lifespans. Despite numerous advances in RNA sequencing technologies and the massive accumulation of transcriptome datasets across the life sciences, the dearth of technologies that use RNAs to observe and manipulate cell types remains a bottleneck in biology and medicine. Here we describe CellREADR (Cell access through RNA sensing by Endogenous ADAR), a programmable RNA-sensing technology that leverages RNA editing mediated by ADAR to couple the detection of cell-defining RNAs with the translation of effector proteins. Viral delivery of CellREADR conferred specific cell-type access in mouse and rat brains and in ex vivo human brain tissues. Furthermore, CellREADR enabled the recording and control of specific types of neurons in behaving mice. CellREADR thus highlights the potential for RNA-based monitoring and editing of animal cells in ways that are specific, versatile, simple and generalizable across organ systems and species, with wide applications in biology, biotechnology and programmable RNA medicine.

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Angela Andersen is part scientist, part philanthropist, and part entrepreneur. Her passion is to encourage growth - personal growth and scientific growth.


She is driven to build everyone's enthusiasm and love for science by guiding and encouraging regular engagement with the scientific literature.


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We would routinely track and present Abstracts when I was an editor at Cell (a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away).


For Abstract Watch, you read the abstracts - just the abstracts - from recent papers. This keeps you up-to-date on the literature, broadens your perspective, reveals emerging themes and fields, and helps you connect seemingly disparate advances.


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